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Thanks to all who participated in the Northwest Cider Cup.

There were 118 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Cider

PlaceOrganizationEntry NameStyle
1stBauman's CiderMountain Rose SVC3A: Red-Fleshed Ciders Dry
2ndRootwood Cider CompanyGolden RussetC6A: Single Varietal
2ndBauman's CiderEndless HarvestC2A: High-Tannin Ciders Dry

Winning Entries

Category C1A: Low-Tannin Ciders Dry 27 entries

1stSeattle Cider CompanyCity Fruit 2023C1A: Low-Tannin Cider
2ndPortland Cider CompanyKinda DryC1A: Low-Tannin Cider
2ndFinnriver Farm & CideryFinnriver DryC1A: Low-Tannin Cider
2ndBauman's CiderPet MacC1A: Low-Tannin Cider
3rdBauman's CiderClyde's DryC1A: Low-Tannin Cider

Category C1B: Low-Tannin Ciders Sweet 13 entries

1stSeattle Cider CompanyOdysseyC1B: Low-Tannin Cider
2nd2 Towns CiderhouseOriginal Cosmic CrispC1B: Low-Tannin Cider
3rdCockrell Cider FarmOriginalC1B: Low-Tannin Cider

Category C2A: High-Tannin Ciders Dry 22 entries

1stBauman's CiderEndless HarvestC2A: High-Tannin Cider
2ndVictoria Cider CompanyKeeved Cider, By Victoria CiderC2A: High-Tannin Cider
2ndKristof Farms CiderKristof Orchard CiderC2A: High-Tannin Cider
3rdStray CiderThe Wild KindnessC2A: High-Tannin Cider

Category C2B: High-Tannin Ciders Sweet 12 entries

1stPuget Sound Cider CompanyVirginia CrabappleC2B: High-Tannin Cider
2ndRenaissance OrchardsRenaissance Orchards Keeved CiderC2B: High-Tannin Cider
3rdSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseBittersweetC2B: High-Tannin Cider

Category C3A: Red-Fleshed Ciders Dry 7 entries

1stBauman's CiderMountain Rose SVC3A: Red Fleshed Cider
2ndUnion Hill Cider CoRedHeartC3A: Red Fleshed Cider
3rdLost Giants Cider CompanyRoseC3A: Red Fleshed Cider

Category C4A: Low-Tannin Perries 5 entries

1stnashi orchards2023 PerryC4A: Perry
2ndShuswap Cider CompanyPerryC4A: Perry
3rdYonder CiderBarrel Aged PerryC4A: Perry

Category C4B: High-Tannin Perries 5 entries

2ndDouble Mountain Brewery & CideryLittle Martha Old World PerryC4B: Perry
3rdEmpyrical CiderArchive PerryC4B: Perry

Category C5A: Wood/Oaked 16 entries

1stUnion Hill Cider CoWildwoodC5A: Wood/Oaked Cider or Perry
2nd2 Towns CiderhouseThe Bad AppleC5A: Wood/Oaked Cider or Perry
3rdVictoria Cider CompanyPort Cider, (Tawny), By Victoria CiderC5A: Wood/Oaked Cider or Perry

Category C6A: Single Varietal 20 entries

1stRootwood Cider CompanyGolden RussetC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry
2ndBauman's CiderStoke Red SVC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry
3rdBauman's CiderKingston BlackC6A: Single Varietal Cider or Perry

Category C7A: Fruit Co-Fermented 21 entries

1stShuswap Cider CompanyBlueberryC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry
2nd2 Towns CiderhouseMade MarionC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdPuget Sound Cider CompanyApple PearC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdIdol Cider HouseCidre RougeC7A: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C7B: Fruit Post-Fermentation Addition Sweet 40 entries

1stAvid Cider Co.Dragon FruitC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry
2nd2 Towns CiderhouseTropical Cosmic CrispC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry
2ndIncline Cider CompanyWhite PeachC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rdAvid Cider Co.Pineapple MangoC7B: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C7C: Fruit Post-Fermentation Addition Dry 14 entries

1stEmpyrical CiderInversionC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry
2ndBarmann CellarsBig BerthaC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry
3rd19 Acres Cider Co.Yuzu PlumC7C: Fruit Cider or Perry

Category C8A: Botanical Hopped 12 entries

1stSeattle Cider CompanyMixtapeC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndHighpoint CiderTram-LineC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdCockrell Cider FarmHopp'nC8A: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C8B: Botanical Herbed 20 entries

1stEndless Orchard CiderBoundless Blueberry-BasilC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndLa Familia CiderJamaicaC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdBauman's CiderStrawberry MojitoC8B: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C8C: Botanical Spiced 12 entries

1stShuswap Cider CompanyFireside SpiceC8C: Botanical Cider or Perry
2ndRootwood Cider CompanyGhost Chili (Carbonated Cider With Chili)C8C: Botanical Cider or Perry
3rdCockrell Cider FarmDevil'n CiderC8C: Botanical Cider or Perry

Category C9A: Specialty Fortified 7 entries

1st2 Towns Ciderhouse2020 PommeauC9A: Specialty Cider or Perry
2nd19 Acres Cider Co.PommeauC9A: Specialty Cider or Perry
3rdYonder CiderPommeauC9A: Specialty Cider or Perry

Category C9B: Specialty Low Alcohol/Alcohol Removed 10 entries

1stKristof Farms CiderKristof Farms WhisperC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry
2ndSeattle Cider CompanyVIVID Tart AppleC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry
3rdSeattle Cider CompanyVIVID Fresh PeachC9B: Specialty Cider or Perry

Category C9C: Specialty Other 7 entries

1st2 Towns CiderhousePlum Cherry And AmburanaC9C: Specialty Cider or Perry
2ndPeak Light Cider CompanyOrchard Reserve Quince CiderC9C: Specialty Cider or Perry